Disabled man claims bullies called him a ""cripple

A SEATON family say they are being victimised because the disabled father is seen as an easy target".

A SEATON family say they are being victimised because the disabled father is seen as an "easy target".Simon McArthur, 42, is paralysed from the shoulder down following a car accident 10 years ago and is wheelchair- bound.He claims a group of people have been making his life hell for eight months with verbal abuse, damage to his property and attacks on his children. His wife Annette, 41, and four children, who live in Elizabeth Road, say they are also tired of the hate campaign.Mr McArthur, who needs full time care, said: "I want somebody to put a stop to them so that my family won't be harassed. It's costing money and is distressing. It's awful. Every night you think 'what are they going to do now'?"We have enough to deal with without this. I think they target vulnerable people. If I wasn't in a wheelchair, they wouldn't be doing this. They would pick on somebody who's an easier target. I can't understand it - it's really nasty."The offenders have allegedly shouted "cripple" at him and have damaged his car - his only means of transport - with scratches, glue in the locks and dog faeces thrown over it.A police spokesman said there were two sides to every story and it is officers' duty to listen to both. He said: "We try to find solutions."Where there has been a criminal offence and we have evidence, we will look to take positive action - that can mean speaking to people or we may take the view that taking them to court is necessary."He added that independent witnesses, who were prepared to give statements, would help provide evidence.Anyone with information about the alleged harassment should call police on 08452 777 444.