Do you switch off when it comes to computers?

East Devon residents talk about their computer skills.

Surfing the web is now as familiar as watching the television to Herald readers.

However, not all our readers have embraced the digital age and some say they still prefer life without computers - but only sometimes.

A new internet cafe scheme could be rolled out in Honiton where young volunteers will be helping pensioners to boot up their skills on a new inter-generation platform.

The project, which is still in the planning stage, is being put forward by the Devon Youth Service and will be based at Honiton Youth Centre, starting in January.

Lee Paley, 35, said: “I use computers daily – probably about eight hours a day, five days a week.

“It is vital to use computers in my business.

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“If I was not able to use a computer I would not be able to do my job.

“If people would like to start using computers most of the help is online.

“I think starting up a youth caf� with teenagers to help elderly people learn how to use computers would be a good idea.

“There seems to be a lot of internet cafes for people who have not got a computer at home.

“The way things are going, it would probably be a benefit for people who can’t use computers.”

Craig Godwin, 32, of Fenny Bridges, said: “I try not to use computers if I can help it – I’m just not that technically minded.

“I think we do rely too much on computers – I would rather write a hand-written letter.

“A youth caf� to teach computer skills would be a good idea, especially for older people.

“It would be brilliant for those who don’t like using computers.

“My five-year-old son knows more than I do on computers.

“There should be some help - especially for older people - to help them use computers. When the weather is bad and we can’t get into Honiton, we have to rely on computers to get our shopping.”

Mike Bond, 67, of Honiton, said: “Me and computers don’t get on – I’m a hands-on man.

“I just haven’t got the patience to sit and fiddle with these things.

“We do rely on computers too much; people just sit there and don’t know what is really going on in the world.

“I suppose it would be a good idea for people who are interested in learning how to use computers.

“I don’t think it would be for me.”

John Manley, 86, of Honiton, said: “I’ve got a computer myself, but I don’t use it a lot - my family do.

“I use it to play games.

“I’ve had a bit of experience using computers as a liaison officer, so I know a little bit about them.”

Valerie Mitchell, 66, said: “I’m a novice computer user.

“I cannot get my Facebook to work – I keep getting messages through.

“Communication-wise, I use email a lot.

“I think we do rely on computers too much.

“I’ve been in the supermarket before where they have had to close the shop because their computers weren’t working.

“There are a lot of classes on offer.

“A youth cafe to teach older people to use computers would be a good idea.

“I have to go to my grandchildren for help.

“I quite like using computers, but my husband won’t touch them.”