Holidaymaker’s adder warning after dog bitten on Beer beach dies

Bella sadly died after being bitten by an adder in Beer. Picture: Rosalind Naish

Bella sadly died after being bitten by an adder in Beer. Picture: Rosalind Naish - Credit: Archant

A holidaymaker is warning others of the dangers of adders after her dog was bitten by one in Beer and died.

Rosalind Naish and her husband Richard, from Wiltshire, were enjoying their third visit of the year to the area when their trip to Beer beach took the worst possible turn.

After an ‘idyllic’ time, Rosalind and Richard were returning to their vehicle when their dog Bella jumped with panic. Rosalind spotted a slash on her muzzle and quickly recognised it as an adder bite.

They scrambled to find medical attention and the staff of Coombefield Veterinary Hospital were on hand to help.

Rosalind, 71, praised them for their work but sadly Bella died two days later.

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Rosalind said: “In a situation like that, what do you do?”

Before the incident she said she ‘never gave it a thought’.

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Bella was an 11-year-old Jack Russell and was not more than a couple of feet from Rosalind when the attack occurred.

Due to the mown grass and large pebbles, Rosalind was not expecting an adder to be there.

Rosalind was later told it was likely Bella had stood in a nest and it was the baby adders who bit her. Rosalind also found another bite on the paw of Bella.

Bella was described by Rosalind, who is disabled and requires a mobility scooter to travel, as her constant companion and the loss has caused great shock to the family.

Richard has suffered two brain tumours in the past and Rosalind was worried the day could have been even worse if he had been bitten instead.

She is now concerned about the potential dangers of adders and for the future of others.

According to the NHS, around 100 adder bites are reported each year in the UK with most bites occurring between June and August.

Rosalind does not want to scare anyone away from visiting the beach but is asking for more warnings and signs to increase awareness of the potential risk.

One of Rosalind’s children is looking to put together a leaflet highlighting the danger and Rosalind spoke of a potential first aid kit for snake bites that included items such as bandages.

Rosalind said Bella’s death has already raised awareness within her community but more could be done for families with high risk members such as dogs or young children.

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