Dog in intensive care after adder bite

Puncture wound found on puppy’s toe.

A puppy is in intensive care after being bitten by an adder.

Eight-month-old border collie Molly is receiving intravenous fluids and specialist nursing care at New Street Vets in Honiton.

A spokesman for the veterinary surgery said Molly, who lives on a farm, was brought in with a swollen front leg.

“It was originally thought she might have been kicked by a cow,” he said. “The following day she was very poorly.

“X-rays revealed no broken bones, but, surprisingly, we discovered puncture wounds on one toe, typical of an adder bite.

“The venom injected when the snake bites causes pain and swelling which can lead to tissue damage..

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The spokesman added: “We hope she will make a good recovery.”

The adder is the only venomous snake in the UK.

At maturity it is 50-60cms long.

Males are grey to dark brown and females yellowish/reddish brown.

Both sexes have a zigzag pattern along the back and a V-shape marking on the head.

They are usually found on dry, sandy heaths, rocky hillsides and woodland edges.

If you suspect your pet has been bitten by an adder, call your vet or New Street Vets on 01404 42750.