Don’t forget Mothering Sunday

Tell those who look after you how much you love them.

Mothering Sunday, which always pops up on the same Sunday in Lent (the fourth one, in case you don’t spend the hours checking the church calendar I do) always takes me by surprise.

I rarely remember to get a card for my mum, or my wife, despite the fact I see them both quite frequently!

Admittedly, having to write this Thought does offer a prompt, so this year there’s a chance they may get a thank you for all they’ve done, are doing and continue to do!

One thing, though, that I would be very unhappy about is if my forgetfulness or being busy meant that they felt taken for granted – because those who love us and care for us should be appreciated, thanked and loved in return. So, at the very least, let’s make sure those who look after us know how much they are loved this Mothering Sunday.

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