Don’t knock it

Councillor Paul Hayward, regrettably, appears to suffer from the British syndrome of not being able to look further than one or two years ahead (as per our roads, railways, airports etc). His negative, short-sighted attitude is to be deplored.

Yes, �320,000 is a lot of money, but it is an investment into the future. When completed fully, the route will give a mainly flat and traffic-free cycle/footpath from north to south, and will bring many benefits to Axminster, Colyton, Seaton and all the other many towns it will go through or near.

Perhaps, Councillor Hayward should take a look at other existing successful routes such as Exmouth to Exeter or the Camel Way in Cornwall (a path of only about 18 miles) which is used by many walkers and cyclists who spend money en-route in cafes, shops, bicycle hire/sale shops etc.

Also, when the Stop Line Way is fully completed, it will encourage families with children out on their bikes who currently will not risk going on busy roads, thus benefiting people’s health and general wellbeing. Already, a number of people working in Seaton and Colyton use the new route from Axminster rather than risk their lives on main roads. I myself use the pathway individually and also with the community cycling group Axe Valley Pedallers, when sometimes as many as 15 use the pathway.

The mud problem in the tunnel certainly needs addressing, and I hope that Axminster Town Council will liaise with DCC to find a permanent solution.

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Councillor Hayward may have noticed that cycling is very much on the increase with many new shops opened in recent years creating good local employment. Anything that can encourage the youth of today to get out walking or cycling rather than sitting indoors playing computer games is surely to be applauded rather than knocked.

Clive Lewis

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