Don’t let the needy go naked in Honiton

Sue Ryder needs a fashion fix to meet demand.

Gok Wan could be needed in Honiton soon.

Cash strapped women may need some advice from the fashion guru on how to look good naked - unless more quality secondhand clothes are donated to the Sue Ryder charity shop, in New Street.

It is running low on ladies’ clothing - during a period when demand is at an all time high.

“We are doing better on donated items than new goods,” said shop spokeswoman Alison Busby.

While the economic downturn is pushing more people towards secondhand clothes, it is at the same time deterring others from giving garments away.

“People are not giving away as much as they did,” added Alison.

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If you can help keep Honiton covered up, take your quality unwanted clothes to the shop during opening hours.