Drivers fined for noisy cars at Lyme Regis

Police issue fixed penalties to three motorists after carrying out checks on modified exhausts

THREE drivers have been fined for using vehicles with excessively noisy exhausts at Lyme Regis

Police issued fixed penalty notices to the offenders over the weekend.

Officers have been carrying out checks, using new monitoring equipment which determines whether a car’s exhaust makes more noise than is legally permitted.

Neighbourhood beat manager PC Richard Winward said those caught in the recent crackdown were told they needed to change their exhausts to standard ones.

He said: “If they are caught again they will not be issued with another ticket, but will be summoned to court.

“The Lyme Regis safer neighbourhood team would welcome information from residents of Lyme Regis, Charmouth and surrounding villages and communities of any vehicle that they suspect to be excessively noisy. Usually, these cars stand out as the exhaust tail pipe is much bigger that a standard exhaust.

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“Police will also check with the driver’s insurance company to make sure they have been informed that a non-standard exhaust has been fitted. It may be that they invalidate the policy, and if there is no insurance, then we will seize the car.”