Drivers not told about new Uplyme bus stop

Passengers left stranded at new bus shelter

PASSENGERS keeping snug inside Uplyme’s new bus shelter had just one complaint – the drivers didn’t stop there.

No one, it seems, had told them about the new halt, some

75meters away from the scheduled stop outside the Talbot Arms.

It meant several bemused passengers were left stranded as the buses sailed on past.

Parish clerk Lois Wakeman said: “The bus drivers were not told about the moving of the stop until Thursday morning, so some people were left behind, either because the driver went past the shelter, or because he stopped there and then not at the pub.

“Mutterings of lack of joined-up thinking between highways and the bus company were heard - but I have no idea where the communication breakdown occurred.”

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She said the siting of the new shelter had been discussed by the council on Wednesday when it was agreed the location was not ideal as it is very exposed to the wind.

She added: “But according to Highways Department, it is the only place in the centre of the village wide enough for the shelter.”