Drug warning over ‘Devil’s Dust’

Stop and search seizures concern police.

Police in Devon are re-emphasising the dangers and illegal status of mephedrone.

In addition to a number of drug seizures from people stopped and searched in the street, police have also executed two search warrants under the Misuse of Drugs Act where quantities of what are believed to be a synthetic stimulant have been recovered. Some of it has been labelled ‘Devil’s Dust’.

Mephedrone was placed onto the banned substances list in April last year and is now classified as a class “B” drug, but officers have noted that not all people found in possession have been aware of the consequences of their actions.

Sergeant Graham Thomas said: “We are aware that the small minority of people buying this drug, sometimes called Devil’s Dust, are not always aware of the physical dangers and legal consequences.

“Anybody found in possession of mephedrone will be arrested and dealt with accordingly.

“We have found this substance to have a very detrimental effect on a person’s health and would advise anyone requiring information to contact the FRANK drugs campaign on telephone 0800 77 66 00.”

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