Gittsham motorist 'so drunk he had to be carried out of car'

Exeter crown court rear

Exeter Magistrates and Crown Court - Credit: Google

Paramedics had to carry a man out of his parked car because he was so drunk - but he has not been banned from driving. 

Exeter Magistrates Court heard Johnathan Boswell was slumped unresponsive in the driver's seat in Gittisham’s parish car park. 

A first aider from the church attended after he was seen with one leg hanging out of the car door. 

The court heard there were two bottles of whisky in the car - one full and one half drunk. Prosecutor Lyndsey Baker said 58-year-old Boswell was grunting and babbling about returning to Antigua. 

She said paramedics had to carry him out of the driver's seat and he was taken to hospital where blood tests revealed he was three times the drink-drive limit. 

Boswell, of Farway House, Gittisham admitted being drunk in charge of a vehicle last December. He was fined £719 and had 10 points put on his licence but was not banned from driving. 

His solicitor Jeremy Tricks said he was heavily in drink because at that time he wanted to end his life and had parked in the village car park with that intent.