Earl visits Honiton students

Honiton Community College students met the Earl Sandwich to shed some light on life in the House of Lords.

Politics was top of the agenda for students at Honiton Community College when they were joined by the eleventh Earl of Sandwich.

Lord John Montagu attended the college as a guest speaker to discuss the inner workings of the House of Lords.

During an informative talk, he explained the day-to-day running of the Upper House and the work members do, and also touched upon parliamentary reforms.

There was even time for a short debate.

Lord Sandwich, who has served in the House of Lords for 17 years, said: “It is an honour to be sitting with so many people in the House of Lords who have served their country in one form or another.” The talk was welcomed by the college’s politics students, who found the exercise very useful and said it helped bring their studies to life.

Politics student Matt Hawkins, 18, said: “It was an interesting experience.

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“You read about and learn about the House of Lords but never meet them.”

Ross Morton, 16, said: “It was interesting to meet someone who is a part of the political process.

“It has been quite relevant to what we are studying right now with the House of Lords and Commons.”

The Earl wanted to encourage young people to met their local representatives in the House of Lords.