East Devon councillor resigns to focus on his business interests

East Devon councillor Fabian King resigns

East Devon councillor Fabian King has quit the council - Credit: EDDC

Exe Valley councillor Fabian King, a Liberal Democrat and member of the ruling Democratic Alliance Group, has resigned from East Devon District Council.
Mr King, who did not wish to speak directly with journalists at this time, said that he believes anyone who is a councillor should be actively involved in that role, adding that he has stepped down to focus more on his business, which has been impacted by Covid-19.
Previously Mr King ran a 3D scanning business, which he has now sold.
It’s expected that the by-election will take place in October.
It would be the third by-election at the council in recent months. On 8 July elections were held for seats on Feniton and Honiton St Micheal's wards.
Feniton was won by Conservative Alasdair Bruce, while Honiton delivered a surprise victory for Labour, electing Jake Bonetta. 
At 19, Mr Bonetta became the youngest member on the council and Labour’s first member of East Devon District council in twenty years He has since joined the ruling Democratic Alliance. 
The group, which holds a patchwork of members from the East Devon Alliance, Liberal Democrats, Labour, Greens, as well as some independents, will be hoping to regain a valuable seat for their majority coalition.