Honiton's Jake gives Labour a welcome seat on district council

Jake Bonetta

Jake Bonetta will join East Devon District Council - Credit: DCC

Labour has taken a seat on East Devon District Council for the first time in a generation, after a teenage candidate impressed voters.
In two by-elections on Thursday – one in Feniton and one in Honiton St Michael’s – both seats changed hands. The Conservatives took one, Labour the other.
Feniton changed from Independent to Conservative after Tory Alasdair Bruce took the seat with 239 votes. Labour’s Linda Baden polled 126 votes and Liberal Democrat Todd Olive came in third with 82. The turnout was 21 per cent. Independent Susie Bond previously held the seat before resigning after moving to Berkshire to be closer to family. 
Jake Bonetta (Labour) won Honiton St Michael’s with 807 votes. Conservative Jenny Brown was second with 522 votes whilst Liberal Democrat Jules Hoyles received 63. The turnout was 25 per cent. Liberal Democrat Luke Jeffrey previously held the seat before resigning to focus on his university studies.
The make-up of the council is now: Conservatives (22), East Devon Alliance (13), Independents (15), Liberal Democrats (7), Green Party (2), Labour (1).
Councillor Bonetta is expected to join the governing coalition, the Democratic Alliance, currently made up of the East Devon Alliance, Liberal Democrats, Greens and Independents.
Councillor Bruce’s win is the second by-election victory gain of the year for the Conservatives, following Richard Lawrence’s victory in Whimple and Rockbeare in May.
Cllr Bonetta, 19, is now the youngest member of East Devon Council. It was a very good night for Labour, who haven’t held a seat at the council for over two decades. 
Speaking after the count, Cllr Bonetta said: “It’s an astounding victory for the community and I want to thank every single person who got involved in my campaign and entrusted me with their votes.
“I really will work for everyone, no matter how you voted. I think it’s so important that I’m there to represent every single person in Honiton St Michael’s.”
“I think that my young age is an asset. I think it brings new life to the council. I think it brings new perspective and on top of that I think it’s so important that young people do get involved in politics.”
Cllr Bruce was not present at the count to comment.
Speaking after the election council leader (Independent East Devon Alliance) Paul Arnott said: “As leader of East Devon Council it is my absolute determination to work with successful candidates from all party backgrounds and I look forward to working with Alasdair for Feniton and Jake for Honiton. I’m sure they’ll both give eminent service.”
Conservative Jenny Brown, who missed out in Honiton St Michael’s, said: “We worked hard. Jake was a worthy opponent and he’s got the town at heart as well – and so have I, and I’m going to be back!”
Labour’s Linda Baden, who lost in Feniton, stayed hopeful. She said: “I think it shows we have a possibility of actually attracting many more votes to the Labour Party, which I think is really positive.”
Lib Dem candidate Todd Olive said: “Obviously my thanks, my gratitude to the 82 voters who put their trust in me to represent them at the district council.”
“Congratulations to Alasdair Bruce, the victor. I hope he serves the residents well, listens to their interests and acts on the urgent issues of our time.”