Puppy sale ban prompts council warning

Council officials say residents must be careful when buying a puppy

Council officials say residents must be careful when buying a puppy - Credit: Supplied

A couple from the Honiton area have been banned from selling puppies and handed a lifetime ban on owning dogs, prompting a council warning.

East Devon District Council said it has had a spate of enquiries recently regarding the buying and selling of puppies as well as allegations about unlicensed breeders during lockdown.

Council officials say residents must be careful when buying a puppy.

Government advice which has just been issued has confirmed that travelling to view a dog is not essential travel and all viewings should be by video.

The district council says that if you are thinking of buying a puppy, don’t be rushed into buying. Have you researched the breed to ensure it is suitable for you and your family now and into the future as dogs live for many years? 

You should always ensure you check and see the mother with the puppies and confirm the birth date. For example, you can check the date data on a photo of the new-born pups, as it is illegal to sell a puppy until it is at least eight weeks old.

Not all breeders are required to be licensed by a council but you should always check with the local authority before you breed puppies to sell. When buying from registered breeders you also have a reassurance they are inspected and regulated.

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Ask for proof of any vet checks, vaccinations (where applicable), microchipping, insurances, and/or pedigree papers.

Check social media for any reviews or articles about the seller before committing to a purchase.

Avoid cash sales and always get a receipt.

Organisations like The Dogs Trust and RSPCA have useful guides to buying along with Government advice https://getyourpetsafely.campaign.gov.uk/ 

If you do purchase a puppy, the council’s advice is that you collect from the home address taking full Covid precautions when there rather than having the seller deliver. 

If you have any concerns or wish to report possible illegal puppy sales please contact environmentalhealth@eastdevon.gov.uk or 01404 515616.

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