EastEnders’ Vanessa gets your vote

Trifling with the emotions of a Midweek Herald reader could leave you with a trashed house!

Trifling with the emotions of a Midweek Herald reader could leave your house in a real mess.

According to the results, so far, of a web poll, 85 per cent would trash the house if they discovered their partner was having an affair with an ex.

More than 300 people took part in the poll yesterday - and you can cast your vote by clicking the link above (top right).

Readers have cast the sympathy vote for EastEnders character Vanessa Gold, who lost the plot in a classic episode of the BBC soap on Monday night - after discovering partner Max was carrying on with ex-wife Tanya.

Like a scene from horror movie The Shining, devastated Vanessa ended a wild outburst by repeatedly stabbing at a photo frame.

She had already ripped down curtains, swiped items from a sideboard and overturned a coffee table.

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