Everys retains contract for family law services

Squeeze on public spending means fewer firms can offer family law services to those on low incomes.

AN East Devon firm of solicitors will continue to receive public funding for family law services, despite drastic cuts implemented by the Legal Services Commission.

Many firms tendered for the right to continue to provide the service, but only a handful were successful. Everys Solicitors was one of the few to succeed in Devon and Somerset.

Managing partner James Griffin said: “Over the last few years, at the instigation of the Government, the Legal Services Commission has gradually cut public funding to several areas of law. Personal injury and employment are no longer covered by public funding and, this year, attention has turned to family law.

“The Legal Services Commission was set up to provide access to justice for all, particularly the vulnerable, poor and needy, but the new regime will have quite the reverse effect. This will mean that public funding for family work will not be available at all in some areas, just as many communities are beginning to feel the effect of the budget cuts being introduced across the public sector by the current Government.

“We are fortunate that we were successful in securing a Legal Services Commission contract for family work. That means that Everys can continue to offer the Family Law Services that it has done for many years, to all sectors of the community, irrespective of clients’ ability to pay.”

In Exeter, only 4 out of 11 applicants secured a contract.