Ex-councillor’s letter ‘vitriolic’

Peter Townsend invited to stand for elected to Honiton Town Council.

What a vitriolic letter from ex-district councillor Peter Townsend. Had he attended more of the town council’s meetings when he was serving on the district council, he might be aware of just how hard the town councillors work for this community and how brickbats such as he has lobbed in their direction are at least unhelpful and at the most downright destructive.

Parallel universe? I think not. I cannot think of any of the serving members of Honiton Town Council who are unaware of the fact that they represent the people of this town and who take great care over decisions made.

Remember Tesco? That campaign was led by the council.

The community complex debate has gone on since 1985. The solution had been reached and then EDDC pulled the plug, giving hardly any notice of a reversed position, having been a consultee on both the design and the financing of the project.

The New Street premises, where Honiton Town Council currently resides, require a huge amount of expenditure to bring them to compliance with current legislation and this would have implications for the precept and every townsperson. Sharing facilities in the community complex with both the Thelma Hulbert Gallery, the TIC and the registrar makes sound economic sense in terms of staffing levels and running costs.

Perhaps this is the time, when a new council has to be elected in May, for Mr Townsend to think about standing for Honiton Town Council? Sniping in the Press is almost equivalent to those who criticise on street corners, but never step up to the mark when a vacancy occurs.

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