Ex Seaton mayor targeted by “cyber bullies”

Sandra Semple says she has suffered personal and vitriolic attacks on the internet

A FORMER Seaton mayor believes she is the target of a “cyber bullying” campaign.

Sandra Semple says she has been the victim of “vitriolic and personal” attacks on several internet sites, including two local ones.

She said: “The campaign has included spreading completely false rumours – for example that I wished to become Seaton’s town manager and that I am the source of a rumour about the possible relocation of Boots the Chemist - about which I know nothing whatsoever.

“Other postings have been personally vindictive and unpleasant and one of the authors has been banned by the website moderator because the comments were personal and vitriolic.”

Mrs Semple said that since her resignation from the town council in September, she had attended none of their meetings and is no longer associated with anything that goes on in either the town council or the town hall.

She added; “I have drawn attention to the problems of seafront parking and the closure of the recycling centre in my private capacity.

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“I am content to leave the job of trying to deal with Seaton’s many problems to my husband who has become a town councillor. I have little doubt that he will also become a target of the same cyber-bullies in due course, if he says or does anything they do not agree with.

“Perhaps if people hear of other rumours that are attributed to me, or him, they may, with this in mind, check with us first before assuming they are true.”

Mrs Semple declined to name the internet sites, saying she did not want to give the “bullies” the oxygen of publicity.