Expensive day in court for road rage attacker

Man sentenced after attacking two holidaymakers in Kilmington.

A road rage attacker was ordered to pay �580 in compensation after assaulting two holidaymakers in Kilmington

Alan Mark Stevens received a 12-week suspended jail sentence and a supervision order for 12 months.

The 51-year-old, of Court Close, Bridport, pleaded guilty at Central Devon Magistrates’ Court last week to assaulting Sharon and Nina Potten and causing criminal damage to a wing mirror and windscreen wiper belonging to a green Nissan Serena, owned by Philip Potten.

Ed Cunning, prosecuting, told the court that on October 22, 2010, the Potten family along with friends were on holiday and were driving from Kent to Westward Ho when there was an incident involving the defendant’s vehicle.

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The Potten family visited Kilmington Services where Stevens had also stopped.

Mr Cunning said the defendant marched over to the Potten’s people carrier and was described as looking furious and started to punch the window.

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He told the court Sharon Potten got out of the vehicle and pushed Stevens away because she was concerned he was going to cause more damage to the car. She also said she had “feared for her safety”.

Stevens pulled the windscreen wiper off the car.

Mr Cunning said the defendant twisted Sharon Potten’s hand and “squeezed so hard she felt a crack in her right hand which caused her to fall to her knees”.

Her daughter Nina Potten went to her aid and pushed Stevens away.

The court heard that Sharon Potten said “I think I’ve broken my hand” to which Stevens replied “good”.

He went on to punch Nina and Sharon Potten - hitting Sharon’s glasses off her face.

The defendant’s partner then approached him and said “Calm down. Enough’s, enough” and they drove away.

He was heard to say “You didn’t indicate”.

Vanessa Francis, defending, said: “This is a road rage incident – that is what it has been described as.

“He is very disappointed in himself.

“This is an offence he has found very hard to come to terms with but he maintains that his anger was precipitated by the bad driving on the part of the vehicle the complainants were in.”

She told the court Stevens regretted his behaviour and apologised for the upset caused.

The chairman of the bench, Francis Eastmond, said: “This was a serious assault on two people.

“It was a continued assault for a period of time.

“These are very serious offences – the assaults do take us over the custody threshold.

“We are going to make a suspended sentence with requirements because you are an employed man.”

She added: “We are going to add a period of supervision to give you time to address your anger management.

“Providing you do not commit any other offences and stick to the requirements you won’t have to serve a custody sentence.”

Stevens must complete 120 hours of unpaid work and was ordered to pay �200 compensation in regards to the damaged car and �80 for the damaged glasses.

He was also ordered to pay additional compensation of �250 to Sharon Potten, who suffered a fractured finger, and �50 to Nina Potten as well as �85 court costs.

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