Extraordinary meeting to move community centre scheme forward

Honiton Town Council to discuss district’s offer of new site, which is next to magistrates’ court.

The meeting will take place after East Devon District Council has ratified new recommendations - which cite the car park next to the magistrates’ court, in Dowell Street, as the new preferred site for the venture. It is likely to offer the site at below market value for the project.

Former mayor Councillor Vivienne Ash at a meeting on Monday called for councillors to work together to deliver the centre and put aside their differences for the good of the town.

She said: “I don’t think it helps having a divisive council. We need to work through our differences in a positive way for the future of this town.”

Councillor Dianne Morgan said: “I am not against the project, but the time must be right as the tax payer is paying for this.”

Special feature in tomorrow’s Midweek Herald.