Farm worker jailed for defying order to stay away from ex-partner in Honiton

Exeter Crown Court. Picture by Alex Walton. Ref exeter crown court 2

Exeter Crown Court. Picture by Alex Walton. Ref exeter crown court 2 - Credit: Archant

A farm worker with a decade-long record of domestic violence has been jailed for defying an order to stay away from his abused ex-partner.

Stewart Thompson was caught trying to hide under a mattress at his girlfriend’s house in Honiton after neighbours called the police to complain about her playing loud music.

He was forbidden from any contact with her, because he has assaulted her on four different occasions and broken a restraining order on four previous occasions.

He also has two convictions going back to 2008 for assaulting her or other partners.

Thompson, aged 40, who is now living in a caravan on a farm near Honiton, admitted breaching a restraining order and was jailed for eight weeks by Recorder Miss Hannah Willcocks at Exeter Crown Court.

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She told him that he must have known the restraining order was still in place, even if his girlfriend did not.

Miss Emmi Wilson, prosecuting, said police were called to a complaint about noise at his girlfriend’s house in Honiton, on April 23 this year and suspected Thompson was there.

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She said:”Officers checked a bedroom and found him hiding under a mattress.

“When he was taken into custody he said ‘I might as well tell you, I have been there for ages. I live there.”

Mr James Rickard, defending, said Thompson’s girlfriend thought the restraining order had expired and had invited him to move back in with her.

He said:”He was there at her invitation and instigation.

The only reason the police attended was because of [her] poor taste in music.

“He is now in full time employment as a ground worker and is living in a caravan at his boss’s farm.”

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