Faster broadband service for Honiton and Axminster

A new project is to help improve the internet connection for homes and businesses in rural parts of Honiton and Axminster.

Rural parts of Honiton and Axminster could benefit from faster broadband as a new project gets under way to improve internet connections to homes and businesses in Devon.

The Rural Connection project aims to improve internet services to specific areas around the Devon and Somerset border that currently do not receive broadband or where speeds are slow.

A total of �1 million is being invested to enable free installation of the most recent satellite broadband service, which offers speeds of up to 10 Mbps together with a programme of free ICT training and support.

Devon and Somerset county councils won European funding for the project, which is being matched by the private sector.

The project will run alongside the wider Connecting Devon and Somerset programme, which aims to deliver superfast connectivity to at least 85 per cent of homes and businesses.

Residents and businesses can find out if they are eligible for free broadband installation and IT support under this scheme by calling 0844 8740602.