Fears for future of Seaton Scout building

THE 1st Seaton Scout Group fears the building it rents could be demolished to make way for a new youth centre.

THE 1st Seaton Scout Group fears the building it rents could be demolished to make way for a new youth centre.

There have been rumours of a new youth centre to be built in place of the Elizabeth Road premises, which the Scouts share with other organisations.

The Elizabeth Road premises have been recently acquired by Seaton Town Council.

Scout leader Gordon Davis is worried after learning there had been discussions at a recent town council meeting about the Elizabeth Road site.

Mr Davis told the Herald there had been a lack of consultation with the existing tenants at Elizabeth Road about the future of the site and building.

He said: "For a number of years, there has been rumour of a new youth building in Seaton. We have heard this could require demolition of the present, well-used Scout building."

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Speaking at the October 19 full Seaton Town Council meeting, he said the premises had been previously discussed by councillors, but members from the Scout executive or premises committees had not been invited.

Mayor Sandra Semple explained there had been a misunderstanding as the council had invited a person who they understood represented the club.

During the meeting, Mr Davis invited Cllr Semple, Cllr Jim Knight and town clerk David Mears to a meeting of their premises committee on Wednesday, November 4, to discuss the matter further.

Mr Davis said: "At the moment, there's the big unknown. Losing the building would affect a lot of people and they all need to be consulted.

"We have been using the building since 1966. I would see it as a detrimental thing for Seaton if we were not to have our own dedicated hall."

Cllr Sandra Semple said: "The Scouts are the leaseholders. They may wish to talk to us about opportunities in Elizabeth Road.

"We need to have discussions with the community, including the people on the site, about what we do now that we are the owners of Elizabeth Road Playing Field.

"But we haven't made any decisions about what to do. It's far too early. We've been owners of the site for less than a month.