Fears gas could become new drug craze in Honiton

Youths found with canisters containing nitrous oxide wanted 10 second high. Parents urged to be vigilant.

YOUTHS in Honiton are inhaling nitrous oxide for a 10 second high that could seriously damage their health.

Police in the town have issued a warning to parents following the second seizure of canisters containing the gas in as many months.

Officers fear the gas is being purchased over the internet.

“The contents of these canisters were being used to inflate balloons and then being inhaled,” said Pc Gemma Siszcuk. “The youths reported that this gas gave them what they described as a 10 second high.”

Nitrous oxide is widely sold for use in aerosol food dispensers, such as whipped cream, but is also used as an analgesic for pain relief.

However, it is a pharmacy-only drug when sold.

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According to PC Siszcuk, medical experts say the gas can deplete the brain of oxygen and destroy brain cells.

It can also significantly reduce oxygen levels in the lungs.

“Police have noticed an increase in this product among youngsters and urge parents to monitor any online accounts where their children are purchasing things from websites,” said PC Siszcuk.