Fed up with rip-offs

Since the severe frosts, there have been at least three attempts by contractors (council or otherwise) to repair potholes in Battishorne Way, Honiton, which is both a bus route and (supposedly) a town bypass, yet still some remain.

The same applies in the entrance to the Co-op car park from Dowell Street.

We see in the news about council cutbacks, but never about cutbacks at management level. What are our elected management doing about this obvious waste of our money?

Isn’t it about time they produced “added value?”?

On a further note, I have noticed, while shopping, the exorbitant profit margin applied by our local superstores. One item was priced locally at �1.50 for 200gms whereas at another outlet the price for the identical item (brand and quantity) at �2.79. Another garden centre was able to sell a 500gm same product for �2.89.

Another example is of a 750 gm item priced at �1.19 whereas a 500 gm similar item is priced at �2.99 in Tesco’s- an increase of at least 150 per cent.

When are these rip-offs going to end?