Feniton development concerns

Feniton ‘will be left to cope with problems’.

Concerning the proposed building of 122 houses in Feniton.

A short time ago, a survey called The Feniton Plan was taken, asking the villagers how they would like to see the future of their village progress.

It is my understanding that the majority were against any large scale development.

Mr Steele-Perkins seems to suggest that only the immediate neighbours are likely to be against the plan.

Ottery Road is already busy and, with more trains travelling through when Cranbrook is developed, there will be much congestion with the waiting traffic at the barriers.

Mr Steele-Perkins suggested there was a need for houses in the Exeter area, so perhaps he should be reminded of the 2,900 houses to be built at Cranbrook and up to 7,000 or more in the future.

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Developers are only interested in making money and, once the houses are built, they will walk away with their profit and leave the people of Feniton to cope with all the problems these developments bring.

Frank Imms

Ely Close