Feniton primary school staff praised for their work

Staff from Feniton Primary School have been praised after gaining additional qualifications to enahnce their work.

STAFF from Feniton Primary School were honoured for gaining extra qualifications to enhance their work.

Tracy Brighton, Barbara Reed, Naiomi Harmer and Tracy Daniels from Feniton Primary School were among those praised at a ceremony where staff from across Devon were presented with certificates for gaining additional qualifications.

Presenting the certificates at the ceremony in Exeter were the leader of Devon County Council, John Hart, Andrea Davis, the cabinet member from children’s health and wellbeing and the Executive Director of Children and Young People’s Services, Anne Whitely, at a ceremony in Exeter.

More than 220 staff from Devon’s schools were honoured for their efforts with 139 teaching assistants gaining the Higher Level Teaching Assistant status.

A further 74 teaching assistants, meal time assistants, kitchen staff, cleaners, librarians and administrative staff receiving the Support Work in School qualifications and NVQs.

Anne Whiteley said: “This is a significant achievement and a credit to your hard work as well as to your schools for supporting you and making these awards such a success.”