Fifteen drivers break Rousdon speed limit in one hour

Speeds of up to 61mph recorded by village team on Thursday evening

VEHICLES travelling at up to 61mph were recorded when speed checks were carried out at Rousdon last week.

Some 15 vehicles were clocked exceeding the 40mph limit through the village, in just one hour.

Their speeds ranged from 47mph to 61mph.

The checks were carried out by the Combpyne and Rousdon community speed watch team on Thursday (May 12) between 6pm and 7pm, when some 120 vehicles were recorded on their monitoring equipment.

Warning letters have been sent to the drivers who exceeded the limit and one of them, clocked going too fast for the second time, will receive a police visit.

The community speed watch was set up in response to a Partners and Community Together (PACT) survey which highlighted speeding vehicles as the main concern to the community.

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PC Steve Speariett, neighbourhood beat manager for the Seaton rural area, said: “The community speed watch has now been running for a year.

“Over 2,500 vehicles have been checked and warning letters sent to 61 drivers who were exceeding the speed limit.

“The speed watch, which is run by police volunteers, has been very successful during its first year and I have no doubt that it has improved road safety and played a part in reducing crime in the community due to the visible presence of the operators.

“Seaton neighbourhood team would like to thank the volunteers for the hard work, dedication and commitment to improving their community.”