Finding inspiration

How the vicar finds something different to write each week. And, yes, God has got something to do with it.

In the past few weeks a number of people have said to me “I don’t know how you manage to write something different every week”. To which I usually respond with “um…”

I don’t know how. Mostly, I just sit in front of my PC and hope something comes to mind.

I occasionally quip “I only have one thought a week and write it down as soon as it comes to me.” But, usually, I’m not quick enough with that line to make it worth using and now I can’t use it again because everyone’s seen it.

I hope God’s got something to do with it all. The word ‘inspiration’ means ‘breathed into’ and I believe that the Spirit of God can speak, act and live in each one of us, and God breathes life, love, hope and truth into everyone.

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