Fingerprint clue to bungled burglary?

TRIP office attacked with boulders from Carol Gilson’s rockery. Burglary could be motive.

A vandal who used rocks stolen from a Honiton woman’s garden to smash a window at a charity’s base in the town left a fingerprint clue at the scene, it has been revealed.

Around �500 worth of damage was caused at TRIP’s New Street office when two boulders weighing up to 30 pounds each were thrown through a side window, in Kings Court, in the early hours of last Wednesday.

Forensic investigators believe a screwdriver was used in a bid to smash a neighbouring window earlier on during the same night.

The vandal’s actions triggered an alarm at the office, possibly scuppering a burglary.

TRIP’s manager Neil Hurlock said: “I’ve been here since 5am.

“Nothing has been taken, but why it happened I don’t know.

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“If it was an attempted burglary, why target a local charity that only works for local people?

“If it was vandalism, it could be the culprit’s parents who miss out because we have got to find at least �250 towards the repair bill.”

Rocks used to smash the large pane of glass were taken from the garden of local charity worker Carol Gilson, who founded the Joe Gilson Mobility Scheme.

She was said to be distraught when she discovered part of her rockery had been used to cause damage at TRIP.

Mr Hurlock said scenes of crime investigators lifted fingerprints from the scene and that he hoped they would identify the offender.

He pointed out a second window would have to be replaced at the office following an earlier attack when a pointed implement, possibly a screwdriver, was used to crack glass.

Anybody with information about the criminal damage is urged to call police on 08452 777444.