Four councillors resign in Seaton

Deputy mayor Julia Roebuck and former mayor Sandra Semple among those to throw in the towel.

The resignations followed East Devon District Council’s decision to give Tesco the go-ahead to pump infill material for the regeneration site from the sea bed.

Deputy Mayor Julia Roebuck, former Mayor Sandra Semple, Claire Wise and Pepita Collins resigned just hours after the decision was made.

Mrs Roebuck said: “There were two reasons for deciding to leave. The first reason was a personal one, as my baby son was diagnosed with type one diabetes and it was very difficult to give any time to the council.

“When I heard about the Tesco decision and saw that other councillors were leaving, I took the opportunity to go as well.

“It is also in protest against Tesco – I am absolutely appalled they passed it.

Mrs Roebuck added: “I am disgusted. Seaton very clearly didn’t want a Tesco, but, yet again, Seaton gets ignored. It is ridiculous; yet again East Devon Council has bowed to Tesco.

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“East Devon District Council knew what the town wanted; we were very clear and vocal about what we wanted and they ignored it.

“There is nothing more we can do and I felt I couldn’t stay any longer.

“I am very disappointed with East Devon District Council. They are not the ones that have to live with it.”

It also sees the end of an era for the former Mayor of Seaton, Sandra Semple, who led the Stand Up 4 Seaton lobby. She said: “It’s partly because of approval of the Tesco plans, but also because I feel East Devon District Council no longer listens to town councils and are not listening to the people of the different towns it is meant to represent.

“It seems silly to try to work with a district council that doesn’t want to work with the town council.

“It’s a question of how the town feels; more than 80 per cent did not want what is happening there. They wanted an alternative, but, again, the district council chose not to listen.

“I feel sad that the overwhelming number of people in Seaton are not getting what they want and that officers and councillors are getting what they want.

“I am sorry it has come to this, as I have very much enjoyed working on the council and it is a shame that I felt I was not able to continue.”