Fraudsters leave woman in debt

PUBLISHED: 13:30 24 June 2008 | UPDATED: 21:58 15 June 2010

FRAUDSTERS have left a Seaton woman in debt and unable to pay her rent.

FRAUDSTERS have left a Seaton woman in debt and unable to pay her rent.Marilyn Phillips, of Manor Close, has had a total of £900 taken from her bank account, exceeding her limit - and is now fighting to reclaim her money.With her bank card still in her possession, three lots of £300 were withdrawn from her Barclays account, even though she was informed she could only take £250 at a time. And, despite not having an overdraft facility, she has been left £9 in the red.She had received a tax rebate, but has now been left short of money and has had to inform the council she cannot pay her rentShe said: "It makes me feel sick as a pig. I was on a low wage and had a tax credit from last year. I've struggled for so long without it and will just have to pay out everything I owe when I finally do get my money back."Her account was finally frozen after the third withdrawal. She has now filled in numerous forms, but bank staff have been unable to tell her if and when her money will be returned.A Barclays spokesman said: "If someone has allowed their security information to be known to a third person, they would not get compensation. But, if a card has been skimmed, it is another matter. The person is a completely innocent party and their money would be reimbursed."We aim to get the case investigated and the money refunded within 10 calendar days. If this is not feasible, we would contact the person and ask for more information."He said Barclays ATMs are fitted with an anti-skimming device, which would cause them to close down if they were tampered with. Anyone who sees anything suspicious is asked to report it.He advised people to never let their card out of their site and to be vigilant, constantly checking bank statements."You wouldn't give someone the keys of your house to wander around, would you?" he said. "The same goes for your card - wherever it goes, you should go with it. Make sure it's secure and never divulge your pin number.

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