Funding not guaranteed for ‘wish lists’

East Devon towns may not realise all their aspirations, district councillor warns.

After being given 10 minutes each to outline the aspirations of their towns, civic leaders from across East Devon have been warned the new local plan will not be able to deliver everything.

Referring to ‘wish lists’, the chairman of East Devon District Council’s Local Development Framework Panel, Councillor Mike Allen, said funding could be an issue.

“We will consider carefully the ideas put forward by each of the towns and their representatives,” he said.

“I must remind everyone that the new Local Plan will not be able to deliver everybody’s ‘wish list’, especially if funding is not available.

“The Government wants us to identify locations where change and growth can happen so that social and physical infrastructure can be planned to support it.”

Councillor Allen, who was speaking after yesterday’s panel meeting, added: “There is a need for more information about the dynamics of the economy in local towns and their hinterland before any decisions are made. I will be asking the Towns to review the Panel’s proposals in October.

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“This has been a five-year discussion that needs to be brought to a conclusion this autumn. By then, everyone will have had many chances to make their views known as to how they want to see the District grow and develop over the next 15 years”.