Further grant for Jurassic Coast

Cash will be used for educational purposes.

The Dorset and East Devon Coast World Heritage Site’s reputation as an earth science educational resource has caught the eye of one of the country’s leading professional geo-science training organisations.

The Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain (PESGB) has renewed its commitment with a third annual donation of �10,000 to the Jurassic Coast Trust.

The funding will be used to secure on-going educational activities along the stretch of the coast among children, students and the public.

As the charitable arm of the Jurassic Coast Partnership, the Jurassic Coast Trust raises funds to promote understanding of the World Heritage Site, the only place where 285 million years of the earth’s geo-history is recorded in a near continuous display.

Rachel Preece of the PESGB explained: “There is a synergy between our work and that of the Jurassic Coast Trust - and that is education. We can see the trust doing a great job on the ground especially with younger people and we are pleased to support their activities’.

Activities supported by PESGB funding have included the annual Fossil Festival which attracts a national gathering of around 16,000 and takes place in May. “Fossils have helped scientists understand how life forms have evolved over time and are of fascination to children as well as professional geologists,” said James Weld of the Jurassic Coast Trust.

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As an organisation the PESGB provide professional support for those involved in the scientific and technical aspects of petroleum exploration. This work includes field trips, exchange visits, lectures, and continuing professional development.

The Jurassic Coast features in the PESBG educational programme as a place of unique geological interest. For more about the PESGB please visit: wwwpesgb.org.uk