God does the work

The Reverend Alastair McCollum.

The Reverend Alastair McCollum. - Credit: Archant

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Lots of people are asking me at the moment ‘how is the packing going?’ to which I have to answer ‘it isn’t’.

We haven’t packed a single box for our upcoming move because that all has to be done by the movers so our stuff is insured for overseas travel.

It’s frustrating, though, because our natural inclination is to do something and not to have it done for us.

For most people something like this gives a sense of being slightly out of control!

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But that’s not so far off the Christian message which says, “there is nothing we can do, God does the work for us.”

Jesus’ death and resurrection is the foundation of forgiveness and faith, not anything we have done or can do. We cannot earn God’s favour by being good or the way we behave, though we are called to respond and accept God’s offer of life.

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