Gold standard for Matilda

Colyton teen receives Royal School of Church Music Gold Award.

A Long-serving chorister from Colyton is singing her own praises after receiving a gold music award.

Matilda Board, who attends Axe Valley Community College, was presented with the Royal School of Church Music Gold Award at a special presentation in St Andrew’s Church.

“I am just really happy to get my gold award,” says Matilda.

The award is examined on a national basis and Matilda had to pass a stringent exam, being marked on her vocal performance on ten musical levels.

Her sight-reading, musical theory, understanding of liturgy and the church’s year were also tested.

In addition, Matilda had to write programme notes for her chosen music and devise a service for a certain day of the year, which included writing prayers.

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However, it has been a lot of hard work for the 16-year-old, who had to take the exam on her birthday.

Matilda is grateful for the professional support she has received from Nicholas Brown, the director of St Andrew’s Choir.