Graffiti of religious symbol, Axminster

GRAFFITI of a religious symbol has been found in several areas in Axminster.

The Hindu Om sign has been found splayed on Trinity House and grip bins in Cooks Lane, Lyme Close, Fox Hill and near Woodbury Lane.

Police believe the offender used a stencil to paint the sign – the syllable which Hindus believe is the root of the universe and everything that exists.

A police spokesman said the work was not art but criminal damage.

He said: “The graffiti appears to have been done by the same person. We are not sure if the offender realises what the symbol means, but it is a Hindu symbol for Om.

“The damage appears to have been done by spray painting a stencil, as they all appearl to be the same.

“If you have any information about the damage of know someone who has recently started to draw the symbol please contact us.”

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The graffiti is being investigated and anyone with information can call police on 08452 777 444.