Gree Flag award for Lyme Regis School

Woodroffe’s work to protect the environment is applauded

WOODROFFE School’s “green team” have won a top award for the second time.

Students from their Environmental Action Team (EAT) regained their Ecoschool’s green flag award after two years’ hard work.

Since the last assessment, a new vegetable and herb garden has been set up to emphasise the use of local produce and to reduce the use of food miles. Produce has been used in food lessons and the canteen.

EAT has also continued to advocate responsible behaviour around the school to cut littering and energy use. Chewing gum free zones are being set up to try and lesson its impact.

In addition, Woodroffe is now a pilot school for the Low Carbon Schools initiative being run by Dorset County Council and the team is hoping to make a real impact on the use of energy across the campus.

Woodroffe staff have also been encouraged to get involved in cutting energy use by taking part in a car sharing scheme once a month. EAT is hoping to get staff to car share more regularly once they get used to the idea.

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To encourage more wildlife into the school grounds, a hedge has been planted around the new vegetable garden and a wildflower garden has been planted to attract a range of insects, which in turn will attract other carnivores.

The assessor who visited the school was impressed with the students’ enthusiasm and commitment to reduce their carbon footprint. The group’s next move involves spreading their ideas to other local schools.