Greens condemn draft local plan

Too many industrial estates and housing, it is claimed.

The draft local plan contains more industrial estates than needed, according to the East Devon Green Party.

Members have condemned East Devon District Council’s decision to press ahead with the plan, which will be the blueprint for the districty for at least the next decade.

Emily McIvor, of the Green Party, said: “In their manifesto for the election campaign in 2011, the Tories said they would ‘radically reduce housing targets’ and that they would not concrete over green field sites in East Devon.

“But, since they made those promises, the housing allocations have been reduced only slightly, they have allowed in a huge concrete and Tarmac warehouse and lorry complex on a site that was supposed to be for rail freight, and added industrial estates like the one proposed at Sidford.”

Honiton Green councillor Sharon Pavey said: “The last six week consultation period is coming up soon and this is everyone’s opportunity to have their say.

“If you do not want houses built in your local Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty go online and make a comment.

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“If you think that not enough consideration has been made about how the roads in your area are going to cope with hundreds more cars for all these new homes then tell East Devon. This is your local plan - make sure you have your say.”