Group complete skydive challenge for cancer support charity

The group of 10 who did the skydive for ALCS in May

The group of 10 who did the skydive for ALCS in May - Credit: ALCS

Two Sidmouth dentists and an Axminster GP were among 10 people who jumped out of a plane for charity last month. 

Dr Nick Hodges from Axminster Medical Practice, his wife Alice, and dentists Sandy Hodges and Jess Waite did the skydive to raise money for Axminster and Lyme Cancer Support (ALCS) on Saturday, May 14. The four have raised more than £2,000 from the challenge. 

Nick, who is a trustee for ALCS, said: "Thank you for all the generous donations that have helped us raise such a large amount for ALCS. We had a great day in Dunkeswell in the sunshine.  

“Credit goes to Jess who never actually agreed to the skydive - we just signed her up! Despite never jumping before she didn't let nerves get to her and actually showed quite a talent for being thrown bodily out of an aeroplane by a large man." 

The group of 10 also included Dan Watts, Helen Patrickson, Katie Messer, Brodie Porlock, Susie Kerr and Millie Hewitt. 

Helen, from Chard, was doing the jump in memory of her father, who died of cancer. She said ALCS had helped her family after his diagnosis, and had kept in touch and offered ‘huge support’ after he passed away. Her former colleague Katie jumped with her, also in memory of family members who had suffered with cancer. 

The group took off from Dunkeswell Airfield for their skydive. After a 20 minute and three-mile ascent into the sky, the plane doors opened and one by one each of the 10 jumpers faced a minute's freefall before their parachutes opened and they floated back to earth. 

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Mary Kahn, founder of the charity said, “This is an amazing result from everyone who has supported the jumpers and donated to help us. We are providing support for anyone living with and beyond cancer.” 

ALCS offers creative activities, holistic therapies, diet and lifestyle information and exercise classes for anyone affected by cancer, and helps them cope with the fear, anxiety, isolation or stress that cancer can bring.  

To donate to Axminster and Lyme Cancer Support or to support those who completed the skydive, visit: