Groups join forces to move community centre forward

Honiton Town Council resolve to amalgamate fundraising group and Honiton Community Centre Association despite concerns raised.

Honiton Town Council has resolved to amalgamate its Fundraising Project Group and Honiton Community Centre Association (HCCA) to help move forward plans for the Beehive Community Centre.

But, at a meeting last week, former councillor Jill McNally raised concerns about the plans.

She said: “This organisation is neither strong nor sound enough for the town council to consider responsibility being moved to the HCCA.”

Mrs McNally added: “I urge you all to consider very carefully the concerns of many people in this town and to at least wait to see how the voting goes on any town poll before confirming the resolution to borrow the �975,000, which will mean all of us bearing the burden of the repayment of �2.75million.”

Councillor Nick Cornwell said: “This is common sense – it just simplifies matters now fund-raising has started and will allow the town council to concentrate on getting the building constructed.”

Councillor Sharon Pavey added: “It is all ready happening –we are working together.

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“It will make it a more formal agreement and by doing that it would strengthen both sides.

“It would be seen as a move towards more of a community role and community project rather than just the town council. It will bring it all together.”

The council voted to amalgamate the groups and also agreed that responsibility for the project be moved to HCCA.

The council also voted to allow the town clerk to act as the treasurer to the HCCA for a temporary period, which will be subject to confirmation at an HCCA special meeting at the end of the month.