Danger gully in Honiton sent town councillor sprawling into busy road

The historical metal gully, which sent Cllr Macve flying into the road. Picture: Nicolette Macve

The historical metal gully, which sent Cllr Macve flying into the road. Picture: Nicolette Macve - Credit: Archant

A Honiton councillor was sent sprawling into a busy road after tripping over a historical gully lining the town’s high street.

Nicolette Macve said the 'trip hazard' gully has been bent out of shape because it has been constantly driven on by vehicles.

Cllr Macve said the gutter, which was built by Mickleburgh Iron Foundry, is not standing up too well to the modern world.

She said: "Being driven over frequently has taken a heavy toll.

"The pipes are loosened from the concrete base and frequently displaced.

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"They currently form a nasty trip hazard - I found this out the hard way, in the dark on Monday evening. I tripped over one and landed in the road."

Cllr Macve said delivery drivers who park on the pavement - and in turn the gully - are 'destroying a unique feature' of Honiton.

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She added: "There are legitimate reasons for vehicles to want to get their wheels onto the pavement at the bottom end of town.

"There's nowhere else for a delivery van to stop without causing a traffic jam all the way up High Street and the A375, and the few businesses there do need deliveries

"But, they are creating an unacceptable hazard for pedestrians."

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council cabinet member for highway management, said: "Our team has been made aware of this and will be investigating to see the extent of repairs that might be needed.

"We would urge people not to park on kerbs and pavements because of the damage that can be caused."

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