GYM DIARIES: Herald reporter starts four week B! Health and Fitness journey

B! Health and Fitness in Honiton.

B! Health and Fitness in Honiton. - Credit: Archant

I want to experience almost everything the gym has to offer to a novice gym-goer, and my experiences will be shared through this column in the next four weeks.

Throughout February, I will be put through my paces at B! Health and Fitness’ sparkling new gym in Honiton.

I want to experience almost everything the gym has to offer to a novice gym-goer, and my experiences will be shared through this column in the next four weeks.

As a reporter, I spend quite a bit of time sat behind my desk, hunched over my keyboard.

I am not under any illusions about my health – it could be a lot better! I play football once a week – but as a 24-year-old, I know I should be a lot more active.

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Perhaps its bone idleness, but the lure of a comfy sofa to collapse onto after a day of work is too inviting to refuse.

Arriving at the gym at 5pm on a Monday afternoon, I was quietly relieved to see it was not full of muscle-heads flexing in mirrors and grunting as they lifted huge weights.

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Call it stereotypical, but I’ve always found the gym quite an intimidating place to visit because I am not a big chap. It instantly put me at ease to see people of all sizes and shapes working out, plugged into their headphones and only focused on their own progress.

This relief was re-enforced by B! Health and Fitness personal trainer Duncan Bryant, who emphasised that the facility was there for everyone - from beginners to seasoned pros.

I was also impressed with what the gym offered – an impressive selection of top-of-the-range machines and weights, as well as a battle rope and exercise balls.

As part of my induction to the new gym, I had to have several tests conducted to see where I stood physically. I know my diet is not the best, so I was surprised to see most of my vitals come back as ‘healthy’.

Feeling very smug that my long-time indulgence in chocolate and sugary snacks hadn’t wrecked my body, I felt good as I started a basic fitness test created by Duncan to get a general scope of my physical ability.

At the end, having completed press-ups, leg presses, a plank, slamming a medicine ball and ten minute bike ride, I was gasping like a fish out of water.

I was just overcome with nausea and breathlessness, and it hit me like a train.

It was surprising to feel so unwell after only a little exercise, and it was a big wake-up call - I needed to eat and drink more to exercise competently and safely. Proper nutrition and hydration is the key.

Duncan explained to me the importance of taking in the proper amount of calories and fluids for a man of my size and age.

Before the test, I hadn’t appreciated how what I had eaten throughout the day would benefit – or hinder – my ability to exercise. So from now on I will aim to up my daily calorie intake and water consumption.

At the end of this experiment, I will have more tests to determine how far I’ve come.

I know I won’t be a big muscle machine, but I’m excited to see if the exercise results in a healthier me – both in body and mind. I have more sessions to undertake this week so tune in on Saturday to see how I got on!

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