GYM DIARIES: Taking on the full body finisher!

PUBLISHED: 11:30 23 March 2018 | UPDATED: 15:09 20 April 2018

Herald reporter Callum continues his fitness journey at B! Health and Fitness.

Herald reporter Callum continues his fitness journey at B! Health and Fitness.


I’m into my penultimate week at B! Health and Fitness in Honiton - and to get me into top shape for my fitness test, I took on the ominous-sounding ‘full body finisher’.

As the name suggests, this workout was the most testing - but my previous weeks of training really helped me push through the fatigue barriers that each exercise imposed.

I was also delighted to overcome my personal best on the leg press - completing three sets of eight reps at 160kg – up 10kg!

Each leg press session was divided by 16 Bulgarian split squats, which made my legs feel like they were ablaze at the end.

The exercise asks you to stretch out your back leg as far as possible, rest in on an exercise bench, and then squat deeply with your standing leg.

By the end of the third set of these, the quad on my squatting leg felt like it was made of molten iron - a brutally tough exercise!

The next set of exercises were the seated lat pull down and seated low row, which are both designed to strengthen your back.

Maybe the weight was not heavy enough, or maybe the muscle I had put on was showing its worth, but I felt good as I completed these exercises with little strain.

My arms were still a little wobbly though as I began the barbell military press at 20kg, with dumbell lateral raises shoehorned between each set.

Feeling brave, I took on the 25kg lift for one set - and with personal trainer Duncan there to encourage me and assist if need be throughout, I managed eight reps at 25kg!

Considering just two weeks prior, I was breaking a sweat lifting 10kg above my head, this marks a massive improvement in my upper body strength.

On the flipside, I had put so much effort into the barbell presses, I barely had any energy to complete the lateral dumbell raises - feebly straining through 2kg lifts by the end. Note to self - pace your exercising!

Next up was my kryptonite – the seated chest fly.

I had already taken this on at a previous exercise and found my arms pretty puffed out from the testing barbell and dumbbell lifts – but managed to grit my teeth and power through three eight rep sets at 30kg, 25kg and 20kg.

These were broken up by another exercise that I personally struggle with – press ups. My arms felt like jelly as I managed to complete 26 altogether, albeit the majority from my knees.

I completed a few more exercises before the grand finale – the sled push and pull.

My energy levels were starting to falter, but with Duncan’s encouragement, I managed to suck in some air and bash out the first two sets.

By the time I came to the final set, my chest was pounding and my lungs were screaming, but I pushed through thanks to Duncan and another gym-goer’s encouragement.

I see why they call it the full body finisher – I was well and truly finished.

It was a great workout though – and showed how far I had actually come in such a short space of time.

The next couple of days, I felt a bit sore but no-where near what I was bracing for.

At last, my body is finally beginning to enjoy the workouts its being put through, and I am feeling so much better for it.

Only one more challenge awaits before my journey concludes – the fitness test!

Stay tuned to see how I get on!

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