GYM DIARIES: Upping the ante at B! Health and Fitness Honiton

B! Health and Fitness in Honiton.

B! Health and Fitness in Honiton. - Credit: Archant

I returned to B! Health and Fitness in Honiton on Tuesday evening – and I felt I had a point to prove!

I returned to B! Health and Fitness in Honiton on Tuesday evening. I felt I had a point to prove after my performance, or lack of one, on Monday.

I met with personal trainer Jacob Swain and after a short warm-up on the cross trainer, started a testing workout session to strengthen my abs and core.

Over the hour, I held a plank and side plank before undergoing two sets of three ab-strengthening workouts.

These included overhead toe touches and Russian twists with a medicine ball.

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Either side of these routines, I put my body to the test on the gym’s start-of-the-art apparatus, including its unique, and brilliantly fun, Nordic skiing machine - the SkiErg.

The exercises were pretty full-on, but Jacob encouraged me to go at my own pace and soon I found myself enjoying the challenges.

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I’m also making sure I have a big lunch and drink plenty of water before each workout session.

Tuesday’s showing proved how important Duncan’s message of proper nutrition and hydration was. Although the workout was testing, I still found myself energised at the end and looking forward to the next session.

The next evening, I returned to the gym and met with Duncan to undergo a full body workout session.

I was feeling good after my session with Jacob, and threw myself into the session, taking on the gym’s extensive range of workout apparatus.

I carried out three sets of 15 reps on each piece of kit – exercises included seated chest presses, laying leg curls, and presses and curls on the gym’s barbells and dumbbells respectively.

Duncan explained how each workout isolates and strengthens individual muscles in my arms, legs and chest.

An important factor in these workouts (which I have still yet to master) is the breathing. It’s amazing how strong, steady breathing can assist so well when lifting weights.

By the end of the workout, I felt a foreign - but healthy burn in the majority of my arms and legs. Although a little wobbly, I had the same enjoyable feeling of accomplishment coursing around my body.

I returned for my final workout – a heavier version of the full body session, on a drizzly Saturday morning.

Walking into a brightly lit and airy gym from a grey, rainy outdoors was a great pick-me-up, and I was soon back on the apparatus, this time each bearing a slightly greater load.

This workout was much tougher, but I found myself relishing the challenge. Duncan was there every step of the way to spot me if I needed the help, and he used his best judgement to switch up the weights when he thought the exercise was too easy or testing.

By the end of the session, I was huffing and puffing, but felt proud of the burn in my muscles, representing a good workout.

I was also a little surprised at how I could lift heavier weights in such a short space of time. As well as getting a little stronger, the continuous encouragement from Duncan played a big part.

So, the first week is over. My body has been put to the test, and I feel like I had proved to myself that if I put the effort in, there’s no reason why I can’t get into shape and pursue a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle with plenty of exercise.

This week, I’ll be taking part in some classes alongside my regular workouts, so stay tuned to see how I get on!

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