Lacemaking mum's labour of love for daughter's wedding

Emily Davis will be marrying Sam Roberts wearing a lace veil her mum made

Emily Davis will be marrying Sam Roberts wearing a lace veil her mum made - Credit: Sue Davis

An Ottery mum will soon be giving her daughter a very unique gift to wear at her wedding next month… and it’s only taken 18 years to make.

Sue Davis first began making a delicate lace veil for her only child, Emily, when her daughter was just 15 years old to wear on her wedding day and completed the final stitch around four years ago.

Sue has been a practitioner of Honiton Lace, the finest type of English lacemaking, for nearly 40 years, producing many pieces as family presents, and has demonstrated her work at numerous events such as, the Devon County Show, Craft for Crafters and Creative Stitches.

Emily, who has been living with her mum and dad in Ottery since March along with her partner Sam Roberts and their four-month-old son Kittow, will on Saturday, August 14, be walking down the aisle at Salcombe Regis Church wearing the precious veil.

Sue said: “Lots of people have seen the veil while it was being made. Hopefully it will become a family heirloom, which can be used many times. We put the bride and groom’s initials and dates in the corner so you can see how often it’s used. A Honiton veil also has lots of symbolism on it and most of them feature a bee which symbolises fertility. 
“I am glad that Emily is looking forward to using the veil as I know they are not fashionable these days but she used to make lace with me as a child, so is well aware of all of the work that goes into it. I don’t think Sam has seen the veil yet as it may be bad luck!

“We are all looking forward to the wedding to welcome Sam into our family and also to see all of our family who we haven’t seen for ages, it will be a good get together with a ceilidh.”
After the wedding, which was originally set for July 2020 but postponed due to the pandemic, the young family will be looking to move into their first house together in Sidmouth, which is where Sam and his family are from.