Has The Co-operative missed an opportunity in Honiton?

Customers disappointed with result of store refit.

THE Co-operative has missed a golden opportunity to provide a viable alternative to Tesco in Honiton.

That is the view of disappointed shoppers, who claim Co-op could have done more to improve its Lace Walk store during a recent re-fit.

When the supermarket re-opened after a four day closure, customers say they were confronted with a bare-looking shop that appears to be offering less choice, not more.

“I am a fan of the Co-op and their general approach to trading - I even changed insurance to them this year,” said Martin Holloway, 66, of Honiton.

“I do think the recent refit has made a smarter, cleaner, fresher look, with a more comfortable shopping environment. However, the feeling is that there is less on offer, rather than more. Certainly, I can no longer buy items that were on my Co-op shopping list.

“And what a shame to have kept those leaky freezers, surrounded by cardboard covered floors.”

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Mr Holloway added: “Yes, a missed opportunity as a high profile supermarket in a prime site, to fill the Marks and Spencer gap, with a top rate shopping experience and genuine wide appeal goods.”

Honiton historian Dennis Cooper, 78, said: “I can’t see what they have done.

“It looks, more or less, empty. Co-op wants to re-stock.”

Alan Gibbs, 70, of Honiton, said: “Co-op has missed an opportunity.

“It is a big area they have got to fill and they have not made the most of it.”

Sam Edwards, 32, of Honiton, said: “I think it looks nice, but the store is offering the same range of products which lets it down.”

And Imogen Selway, 26, of Honiton, said: “When you go in, you can’t find what you want and it is quite bare.”

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