Hawkchurch pupils learn how to make sausages

Youngsters taught to make the perfect “banger”

YOUNGSTERS at Hawkchurch Primary School had some sizzling fun learning how to make sausages.

Axminster butcher Shaun Vining, from Complete Meats, went along to show them how to create the perfect “banger”.

First they learnt about which part of the pig is used to make sausages and then they helped mix the minced pork into rusk and spices before filling sausage casings.

A great deal of concentration was needed to twist the sausages into the special hand linked style.

The children said they were really impressed with the samples they tasted on the day and were delighted to be able to take some sausages home for their tea.

Mr Vining said: “ Even though we are in a rural area not all children understand exactly where their food comes from. I really enjoy helping the children learn about this and it fitted in well with the healthy eating programme that the children at the school are currently working through”.