He is risen - words that changed the world

Love, prayer and self-sacrifice remembered.

Some people seem to think that any argument about faith is finished the moment they say ‘ah, but you haven’t got any proof of that have you?’.

And it’s true, in terms of photographs, recordings or statistics, there are many things I don’t have proof of with regards to my faith. But, then, if I had proof, I wouldn’t need faith at all, because it wouldn’t be faith it would be ‘knowledge’.

As we celebrate Easter Day, the greatest day of the Christian faith... we may not have pictures or videos of the event, but we can see lives which were changed as Jesus’ frightened followers shared news of his resurrection - even at risk of their own life.

We remember the love, the prayer, the self-sacrifice, which became real after that Easter Day, and we remember the way the world changed when his followers declared ‘HE IS RISEN’.